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Homework 20/11/2017

Hi Everyone, 
Here is the homework for this week. 
1. Tricky Words: which, any, many, more, before - Please practice all of these words during the week. 
2. Decodable readers ( See note below) 
3. Sound Booklet: Our sound this week is 'or'. Please complete Page 9 in the booklet.
4. Handwriting Copy: Page 9 this week.  Please recite the formation rhymes as the children write the letters. 
Please do not go ahead in the written homework.
You can decide how much or little you do on each evening but I would suggest to practice their reading every night.
New Readers - From now until Christmas the children will be reading short graded books during the week. - The readers range from easy to difficult so don't worry if your child finds a book a little tricky.  - Children will get each reader for 2 or 4 nights depending on if they are finding the book a little tricky.   - Encourage your child to sound out the words they don't know, all words are either tricky words or sound out words…
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