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This Week's Homework 18/09/17

Hi everyone, 
The homework will be posted each week on the blog so please ensure to check the blog each Monday to see what new sound, tricky words and writing we are working on for the week as we will not be going in order in of the books for some of the work. 
**Please do not go ahead in the writing homework**
In the folder you will find the following things;  - Tricky words list (Words 1-30 from Junior Infants) - Ella Goes to the Airport Wordlist ( list A) - Formation rhymes / instructions for parent or guardian to use during handwriting homework - Sound Booklet - Handwriting Booklet.
Here is the homework for this week.

1. Tricky Words - Revise and learn the words I , the, he, she, me
2. Ella Goes to the Airport Wordlist - Read through and familiarize the children with these words. They do not have to be learned off by heart. Some are tricky words they know from before, others are sound out words.  
3. Sound Booklet - our sound this week is 'sh' , please complete page 13
4. Handwriting C…

Welcome back Senior Infants!

Welcome back everyone! 
It was so lovely to see the children today and to hear all about their Summer holidays. They have all grown up so much and seem to be ready for Senior Infants!
We had fun on our first day back; playing games, drawing pictures of our holidays and dancing around to some Jungle songs and our class visitor Elton the Elephant was even busy doing his own work when I came back from lunch! 
Really looking forward to another great year with everyone :) 

Last day in Junior Infants!

Even though the weather isn't very Summery, the children are certainly ready and excited for the Summer holidays!
They had a Teddy Bear's Picnic in school today and went to the last assembly of the year to say goodbye to our wonderful 6th class who will be greatly missed around the school. 

Thank you all for your beautiful gifts and cards, so generous! I really appreciated your support throughout the year, it was such a pleasure to have each of the children in my class and I'm already looking forward to Senior Infants with them in September! 
Happy Summer everyone! 

Scratch Coding with Ashling!

We had a very interesting morning last week when a parent, Ashling, came into our class to teach us all about coding and show us how to make an image come to life on a computer screen! 
The children were extremely engaged and listened very well during this lesson and they all managed to make aliens, space ships and astronauts move around on the Moon or in Outer Space which I really was very impressed by! 
The children were given a small slip of paper with a username and password if you'd like to your child to try it during the Summer. I really couldn't believe how quickly they got the hang of it, so well done you clever Junior Infants! 

Outer Space!

We have been learning all about Space in school the last two weeks and the children loved this topic. 
They learned about the different planets in our Solar System, as well as how astronauts survive in Space and what other objects can be found orbiting the Earth! 
They got to play in a Space Station, make 'out of this world' art work and build their own rocket ships, very cool! 

Junior Infant Assembly

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that we have our Junior Infant Assembly tomorrow morning at 8.30 so please be in on time. If you want to wear a jersey or something with a flag on it please feel free to do so, but no pressure to do that at all! See you then :)

Homework 12th of June

At Belmayne ETNS we value the holistic education of our children. As such a decision was made at our staff meeting to give NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK for the remainder of June. 
Allow your child to be busy with the work of the child....PLAY and BE KIND.
Instead use this time to:
*help your parents in the house  *Walk your dog *Learn a song *turn off all social media for one evening  *play /chat with your friend *visit the library *tidy your room  *plant a flower *climb a tree  *go for a walk *play your favourite sport  *read a book *play a board game  *chat to a friend *visit an elderly neighbour/grandparents *cook/bake a new recipe *organise a street clean  *make up a new game *draw, paint, colour,create *play some music *dance short.....just BE A CHILD
Please email pictures of June homework activities to for our website.
The children will be given the reader Where can GG sit?, as well as the reading homework guide to complete for another short period as it…

Sports Day!

What a great day the children had at the Sports day today! The weather was beautiful and the children had so much fun, playing a huge amount of different games. 
Our class was split into two groups and they got to play games like mini hurling, space hoppers, parachute, bean bag toss, snatch the bacon, water relay and musical chairs. Some children had burgers and sweets, lovely! 
Well done to GearĂ³id and Karl for organising it and to all the parents that volunteered to help... Happy Friday!