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Homework 12th of June

At Belmayne ETNS we value the holistic education of our children. As such a decision was made at our staff meeting to give NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK for the remainder of June. 

Allow your child to be busy with the work of the child....PLAY and BE KIND. 

Instead use this time to:

*help your parents in the house 
*Walk your dog
*Learn a song *turn off all social media for one evening 
*play /chat with your friend *visit the library
*tidy your room 
*plant a flower
*climb a tree 
*go for a walk
*play your favourite sport 
*read a book
*play a board game 
*chat to a friend
*visit an elderly neighbour/grandparents
*cook/bake a new recipe
*organise a street clean 
*make up a new game
*draw, paint, colour,create
*play some music
*dance short.....just BE A CHILD

Please email pictures of June homework activities to for our website.

The children will be given the reader Where can GG sit?, as well as the reading homework guide to complete for another short period as it is still hugely important to practice their reading each night. 

These readers will be sent home tomorrow and will be collected on the 22nd of June. 


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Saving the animals in Aistear!

The Aistear topic of 'The Vet' was such a great topic to explore. The children were really engaged and loved looking after the sick animals and nursing them back to health. They also got to design butterflies, create mini-beasts and make their own animals out of playdough. I think we may have a few future vets in our classroom!

This Week's Homework 18/09/17

Hi everyone, 
The homework will be posted each week on the blog so please ensure to check the blog each Monday to see what new sound, tricky words and writing we are working on for the week as we will not be going in order in of the books for some of the work. 
**Please do not go ahead in the writing homework**
In the folder you will find the following things;  - Tricky words list (Words 1-30 from Junior Infants) - Ella Goes to the Airport Wordlist ( list A) - Formation rhymes / instructions for parent or guardian to use during handwriting homework - Sound Booklet - Handwriting Booklet.
Here is the homework for this week.

1. Tricky Words - Revise and learn the words I , the, he, she, me
2. Ella Goes to the Airport Wordlist - Read through and familiarize the children with these words. They do not have to be learned off by heart. Some are tricky words they know from before, others are sound out words.  
3. Sound Booklet - our sound this week is 'sh' , please complete page 13
4. Handwriting C…

Weekly homework 23/10/17

Hello and happy Monday! 

Here is the homework for the last week before mid-term! 

1. Tricky Words: Revise and learn the words my, one, by, live, give. We are practicing the tricky word whatin class. 
2. Ella Goes to the Airport: Read Pages 13 - 16 in the book. 
3. Sound Booklet: Our sound this week is 'oa'. Please complete Page 6 in the booklet.
4. Handwriting Copy: Practice writing the letters  and f, j, v, w, x and zonlyon Page 6 this week.  Please recite the formation rhymes as the children write the letters. 
Please do not go ahead in the written homework.
You can decide how much or little you do on each evening but I would suggest to practice their reading every night.