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Outer Space!

We have been learning all about Space in school the last two weeks and the children loved this topic. 

They learned about the different planets in our Solar System, as well as how astronauts survive in Space and what other objects can be found orbiting the Earth! 

They got to play in a Space Station, make 'out of this world' art work and build their own rocket ships, very cool! 


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Saving the animals in Aistear!

The Aistear topic of 'The Vet' was such a great topic to explore. The children were really engaged and loved looking after the sick animals and nursing them back to health. They also got to design butterflies, create mini-beasts and make their own animals out of playdough. I think we may have a few future vets in our classroom!

Welcome back! Here's our homework and new Aistear topic - The Train Station

Welcome back to the second half of Term 1, it sounds like the children had a lovely mid-term break and are ready to learn loads of new things! The tricky word this week is 'be', can you think of any sentences with this word in it? be The first sound we are learning about this week is:

The formation rhyme for this sound goes like this: 'Dive down, bump the line, swim back up and over.'
Have a look at some things that start with this sound!

 Here is the song for the sound 'r'

Later on in the week we will learn all about the sound

The formation rhyme for this sound is: 'Dive down, swim up and over, back down, bump, swim up and over, back down and kick.'

Here is the song for 'm':

We will be learning all about transport for the next two weeks and our new Aistear topic is 'The Train Station'. Some of the words we will be learning are: train station, train driver, schedule, ticket master, platform, single ticket, return ticket and carri…

First week in October

This week we start a new theme for this fortnight  - My School.  We will be learning all about school life here in Belmayne ETNS and who the other teachers and staff are. 
We will also be taking a closer look at the school building and the materials it is made from.  
As we have lots of friends in school we will also be starting our SPHE programme called 'You can Do It' . We will send home more information about this as we work through the programme. We are starting with the lessons about 'Getting Along'
In phonics this week we will learn two new sounds. Below are the sounds and actions for both. 

We are also learning the tricky word -  she