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Homework 22nd of January

Hi all, 

Hope your weekend was great! 

Here is the homework for the week: 

1. Tricky Words
Revision of the tricky words 'like' to 'because'. 
 2: Reading The children have been given new readers in their folders. If the book seems too easy or difficult please let me know as we are working on fluency and comprehension. 
3: Sound Booklet Our sound this week is 'oo'. Please complete page 10 in the Sound Booklet.

4: Handwriting copy 
Complete the next two pages in the handwriting book.  Please recite the formation rhymes as the children write the letters.

AGM on February 1st 2018

- Input on the use of iPads in Belmayne ETNS to support teaching and learning.

- Homework in Belmayne ETNS
- Positive mental health in Belmayne ETNS and the wider community

Come on in to the Belmayne Restaurant!

The children have been learning about the restaurant in Aistear over the last two weeks, as well as creating wonderful art by the French artist Henri Matisse, exploring magnets and designing and building their own restaurants and French landmarks. 
Have a look at all the things they've been getting up to! 

Bonjour to our French Visitor!

As International Week is next week, we met our French friend Louis who is going to help us learn all about France! 

We learned about the three colours of the French flag, which are blue, white and red and got to listen to the story of a French girl called Madeline.

He left a postcard on the Panda's table, introducing himself and giving some very interesting facts about France. Louis even taught them how to say 'Au revoir', which means 'goodbye' in French! 

Take a look at this website for some really great facts about France!

Homework 15th of January

Hello Everyone, 
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Here is the homework for the week: 

1. Tricky Words
two, four, goes, does, their(Week 6 list on the orange sheet) 
 2: New Readers - From now until Mid-term the children will be reading short graded books during the week. - The readers range from easy to difficult so don't worry if your child finds a book a little tricky.  - Children will get each reader for the week depending on if they are finding the book a little tricky.   - Encourage your child to sound out the words they don't know, all words are either tricky words or sound out words.  - Encourage them to read clearly and loudly with good pace.  - If your child is finding the reading too tricky, please let me know.  - If your child is finding the reading very easy then practice their comprehension skills by asking questions about the story - Who? / What? / Why? / Where? / When? / How? / What if? / What do you think?/ What are your predictions? / If you were...? / What do you thin…

Homework 9th of January

Welcome back everyone,

We have been catching up on everyone's news for the last two days and it sounds like everyone had a great winter break.

As it is the first week back we will only have a little bit of homework this week.

Writing copy - will be now 2 pages each week. So please complete the next two pages. (It should be W and I for most)

Tricky Words - we are a little behind and so the tricky words are for week 5 on the orange sheet
- put, could, would, should, right
Please learn these this week and revise the others as it has been a while since we read them.

Reading and sound copies will return next week.

Homework is to be completed and handed back in by Friday.

Any questions as always, just ask. ☺